Is It Right for You?

    To take TMS therapy, one has to agree to a few statements like:

    • If you are not satisfied or responding to depression medication.
    • If you are facing or worrying about the side effects of such medications.
    • If you want to resume daily activities immediately.
    • If you want to try an advanced, non-drug treatment for depression.

    When is TMS Used?

    Therapists prefer antidepressants and psychotherapies as the first line of treatment. However, there are cases when these treatments do not work. Patients who do not respond to antidepressants or cannot tolerate the side effects of such medicines, might consider TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as an alternative treatment.

    Benefits of TMS

    • One in two patients shows significant improvement
    • One in three patients experience complete cure
    • No major side effects

    Risks of TMS

    NeuroStar advanced TMS Therapy is inadvisable to the patients with metallic objects or devices like pacemaker. Patients with serious head injuries, epilepsy or neurological problems must avoid this therapy or should take it only by prescription by a registered medical professional.


    TMS betters the depression condition in a few weeks of treatment. Studies show, patients respond to this advance therapy better than antidepressants. Many patients even experience complete cure on its application.

    Researchers are still studying the effectiveness of TMS and believe that the therapy will stimulate the brain better as they learn more about the techniques.



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