How TMS Works?

TMS is a non-invasive treatment and does not require any kind of surgery or insertion in the human body. Being a painless procedure, the treatment does not require any kind of sedation during the session. The therapy delivers magnetic energy from a small electromagnetic coil on the brain’s frontal cortex to treat depression and other emotional disorders.

During this painless yet effective treatment, a magnetic coil is positioned over the left front side of the head (left prefrontal cortex) to generate a magnetic field. These electromagnetic pulses generated by the magnetic coil creates currents in our brain that stimulate the nerve cells in our brain and controls bad mood and depression effectively. These short bursts that turn off and on continuously, improve mood and ease depression.

The magnetic pulses deliver passes through the skull, into the cortex without getting distorted. Once it reaches the focused part of the brain, the magnetic energy generates electrical charges to flow through the nerve cells. The electricity produced is very mild and does not trouble the patient. The right amount of these magnetic pulses makes the brain cells or neurons active. The main motive of TMS therapy is to stimulate the brain cells that regulate the human emotions.

The magnetic fields used to regulate your emotions are very much similar to the fields used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. Professionals at NeuroStar apply therapy as per patients’ condition. Repetitive TMS over a certain period of time, may produce long-lasting results in patients.  

TMS Machine

A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator is a mini device that comes with a power cable. TMS is an advanced stimulator that can be controlled or adjusted according to different parameters like pulse rate, number, intensity and frequency using a computer program. It contains a coil that looks like more than one loop and is connected to the device with the help of a cable. The operator holds this coil over the head or the part to be stimulated and adjust the parameters according to patient’s requirement. The magnetic fields produced by this device is similar to those produced by MRI machines.   


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