Is TMS Right For You?

You Should Consider TMS Treatment If:


You are not satisfied or responding to depression medication


You are facing or worrying about the side effects of such medications


You would like to resume daily activities immediately


You want to try an advanced, non-drug treatment for depression

What To Expect

Before Treatment
  • Our experienced doctors schedule a one-to-one discussion with the patients to understand their actual problem. Reviewing patients’ symptoms and learning his treatment history, the doctors suggests the best possible treatment to them.  
  • After analysing the condition, if the experts find NeuroStar TMS therapy to be an appropriate treatment for you, they will take you for the first session of the therapy. Mostly, the first session lasts for about 60 minutes and during this period the patient is asked to sit in a reclining chair wearing the earplugs.
  • Now, an electromagnetic coil is placed against patient’s head that produces stimulating pulses. This action creates a tapping sensation on patient’s forehead.
  • Here, the doctor decides the amount of magnetic energy needed to treat the problem. During the course of treatment, the stimulation can be changed depending on patient’s motor threshold.
  • The session lasts for 1-2 hours. The therapy is administered for approximately 4-6 weeks depending on patient’s response to treatment.
During Treatment
  • TMS therapy is a non-invasive treatment and thus, does not require any sedation or general anesthesia. Therefore, throughout the session the patient is kept fully awake.
  • Once the treatment starts, the patients feel tapping sensation on forehead.
  • The magnetic coil placed on your head, delivers stimulation to brain areas focused.
  • At our clinic, we recommend our patients in therapeutic activities like meditation, breathing exercises, listening to music and so on.
  • Our TMS professionals are very cooperative and assist patients with all their needs.
After Treatment
  • As the treatment is a non-invasive one, it does not affect the alertness or memory of the patient.
  • The patient can resume normal activities immediately.

Effectiveness of TMS

According to different clinical studies, TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a safe and effective alternative to antidepressants and other behavioral treatments. Patients suffering from major depressive disorder were observed during the clinical trials and it has been reported that each one of them received satisfactory improvement with this advanced treatment.

National Institute of Mental Health funded an independent research with 307 patients and treated them with TMS system for 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Low Treatment Resistance: Patients who didn’t improve after a single session of antidepressant treatment.
  • High Treatment Resistance: Patients who didn’t improve after multiple antidepressant treatments.

One in two patients experienced significant improvement at the end of their TMS treatment. According to the clinical study, TMS therapy is also effective in treating physical treatments and anxiety associated with depression.

Treatment of major depression using TMS therapy has been approved by the FDA. According to different clinical studies, 60% of patients who didn’t respond to antidepressant treatment, answered to this advanced therapy. TMS along with cognitive behavioral therapy is also very effective in treating other behavioral disorders.



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