Effectiveness of TMS

According to different clinical studies, TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a safe and effective alternative to antidepressants and other behavioral treatments. Patients suffering from major depressive disorder were observed during the clinical trials and it has been reported that each one of them received satisfactory improvement with this advanced treatment.

National Institute of Mental Health funded an independent research with 307 patients and treated them with TMS system for 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Low Treatment Resistance: Patients who didn’t improve after a single session of antidepressant treatment.
  • High Treatment Resistance: Patients who didn’t improve after multiple antidepressant treatments.

One in two patients experienced significant improvement at the end of their TMS treatment. According to the clinical study, TMS therapy is also effective in treating physical treatments and anxiety associated with depression.

Treatment of major depression using TMS therapy has been approved by the FDA. According to different clinical studies, 60% of patients who didn’t respond to antidepressant treatment, answered to this advanced therapy. TMS along with cognitive behavioral therapy is also very effective in treating other behavioral disorders.

Is TMS Safe?

  • TMS therapy has fewer side effects than antidepressants and can be tolerated by patients.
  • The most common side effect reported is headache.
  • This therapy has no adverse effect on memory, concentration and cognition.
  • Very low risk of seizure (0.003% of clinical treatments) with this therapy.
  • TMS therapy is not prescribed to patients with non-removable conductive metal in the body.

How Long the Effect of TMS Lasts?

There are various factors that influence the effect of this advanced treatment. Hence, each patient response unique to the therapy. In most of the cases, the effect of 4-6-week treatment lasts for more than six months.  For prolonged effect, many patients are suggested to take one session per month for a specified period.


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