A life-changing non-drug treatment for Depression

NeuroStar® is an FDA-cleared, non-drug, non-invasive way to treat depression with no systemic side effects.


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What is NeuroStar Advanced Therapy?

TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy is an innovative technique to fight depression effectively. This is a treatment that uses magnetic fields to stimulate the brain cells and improve your mood. Specialists offers such treatment only when other treatments fail. TMS, being an FDA approved treatment delivers satisfactory results from the very first day of the treatment. NeuroStar’s Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a safe and well-tolerated technique that can be opted by pregnant or breastfeeding women as well. The TMS devices used to treat patients with anxiety or depression operate from outside the body. The powerful magnetic fields from these devices are targeted to specific areas of the brain that regulate moods. The treatment can be tolerated well and hence, does not require anesthesia. During or after the therapy, patients might experience a mild headache but it is usually rare. According to medical professionals, TMS might not be appropriate for patients with neurological problems, epilepsy, and people with a history of head injury According to clinical studies, apart from treating mood disorders, TMS is highly effective in curing pain, neurological disorders, physical rehabilitation, smoking cessation, and so on. Advantages of TMS advanced therapy:
  • Safe
  • No systemic or cognitive side effects
  • Targeted modulation
  • Non-invasive
  • Well tolerated
  • Suitable for long-term treatment
Approximately 60% of patients who have failed to benefit from conventional medication responded positively to advanced TMS therapy. According to clinical researches, one-third of these patients experienced complete cure with this treatment. TMS therapy at NeuroStar is performed under the supervision of Dr. Parinda Parikh, who has years of experience in treating major depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This advanced therapy is available only by prescription. Visit Dr. Parikh today to know if NeuroStar’s TMS therapy is right for you!